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WEBINAR RECORDING - Night Fullon/Twilight Bass

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WEBINAR RECORDING - Night Fullon/Twilight Bass

Mute Production
4 ratings

This Webinar is focussed on creating a powerful Psytrance bass for the Night Fullon/Twilight styles.

The process uses as few plugins as possible to provide the user with a flexible and repeatable method that will translate to any key or bpm of your choice.

The recording has been edited down to remove any technical issues or unnecessary pauses.

A list of timestamps is provided so you can skip to what matters to you.

Plugins used: Serum, KHS Multipass (KHS Transient Shaper, KHS 3-Band EQ), KHS Disperser, Fabfilter Saturn2, Fabfilter ProQ3.

Be aware that you can replace ProQ3 with any EQ of your choice.

Be aware that you can replace Saturn2 with any Multiband plugin of your choice.

Be aware that you can replace KHS Disperser with any Multiband plugin of your choice.


“This class is amazing. An in-depth look at creating psytrance basslines, covering every important aspect of sound design and processing. For beginners, intermediate and even professionals can gain valuable knowledge from it. If you want to take your production on the next level, take this class ! No more sleepless nights, no more worrying about your basses anymore. Just do it and finish your tracks with a solid foundation.”

 - Nemeton (Live Webinar participant)

"This session helped me understand a lot of the why's behind psytrance bass processing. Shep demonstrates his approach and thought process in a clear fashion, making it impossible not to learn anything new. - Uncle Butt (Live Webinar participant)

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert producer, in this masterclass you’ll learn everything you need to know about basses. It’s very detailed, easy to follow and complete. This class gave me a lot of inspiration and more confidence. Plus, I increased my skill level. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials before but this one is definitely the best one and the easiest to follow.

" - Elusion (Live Webinar participant)

"Shep, I wish to thank you for all the shared knowledge during the masterclass, not only you are showing the good recipes to nail a proper bassline each time, but you take the time to explain why you do the things you do, unlike most producers and teachers who show how they do without really explaining the students why they decide to do something to their sound. Thank you so much!" - Altar of wisdom (Live Webinar participant)

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Nearly 3 hours of Premium content. Including extensive Q&A session.


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